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The congregation celebrated its 60th Anniversary on October 29, 2023.


In May 2002, Pastor Brad Weniger was installed as the new pastor. He moved here from Marysville, California with his wife, Gwendolyn, and their son Brad. Under his leadership, the church has dedicated over one million dollars in the past eleven years to the Missions Program in support of 150 missionary families and projects.  The church’s Bus Ministry has become the largest of its kind in the area and ministries reaching all people from many varied backgrounds have been established so that Central Baptist Church is known as “The United Nations of Independent Baptist Churches.”


Central Baptist Church moved into its present facility on Minnieville Road and dedicated that facility on June 20, 1998.


In 1987 Pastor Owens resigned due to ill health, and Pastor Joseph Harrah assumed the pastorate, he and his wife, Suzi, and family, moved to Prince William County from West Virginia.


In 1967 land was purchased on Omisol Road in Lake Ridge, a building was erected and the church moved to the new location in 1969, and in 1979 the name of the church was changed to Central Baptist Church of Woodbridge.


Central Baptist Church was organized in October 1963 by Pastor Harry Owens, his wife, and twenty-six other members as First Baptist Church of Occoquan, located in the Town of Occoquan in Prince William County, Virginia.