Bible Institute Check-Ins

Watch all of our Bible Institute Sessions for this year below:

We are very excited about our n ew year of Bible Institute (1500)! This year will be a little different from previous years, the main difference is that we will be LIVE streaming each session this year. You will still have the option of coming to church for Bible Institute as well. We will be meeting in the auditorium with tables and chairs setup and ready for you.

To make sure you are ready for this year of Bible Institute, head over to your YouTube Channel, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, and hit the bell icon to be notified of our live streams.

Each session, we will ask you to fill out our Bible Institute Check-In form which will be available on our website. This will allow us to have a more accurate record of who is attending, how many are attending, and how far this wonderful ministry is reaching in our world.

Thank you for your interest in the Central Baptist Bible Institute, and we hope to see you for the next session online or in the auditorium.

You can watch our full announcement here: